Steven Yates

Writing as S. Author Yates


I write short stories. My longest is just over 10,000 words and my shortest (not counting the drabble) is 187. I have to be in a special mood to write poetry, so I only have a dozen or so of those.

I have stories in “a ton” of genres and like to put a twist at the end. (No, it’s not because of my twisted personality.)

I hope you find something you like.



My short stories are available in anthologies:


You can’t Escape The Grave

(Sword and Sorcery) In 15th century France Gabrielle – a free-lance mercenary – has to deal with a day beyond her wildest imagination.  Situations that take her so far outside the world, she may not make it back.


The Charge

(Other World) A story so short that the description could be longer.


Don’t Mess With A Real Witch

(Fantasy) Lisa Scott, cub reporter for the local new paper, writes a throw-away piece mocking witchcraft and its practitioners.  That may turn out to be a bigger error than she can imagine.


On The Road To Catmanduel

It’s Halloween.  You pick up a hitchhiker.  What could possibly go wrong?


A True Superhero

Some Superheros get no respect



(Poem) A life analyzed.


Jane the Sixth

A short serial killer story

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